S.No. Title Downloads
1 3.1.1 Average number of research projects funded by government and or non-government agencies Click here
2 3.1.2 Average grants received for research projects from government and or non-government agencies Click here
3 3.1.3 In-house support is provided by the institution to teachers for research purposes Click here
4 3.1.4 Institution has created an eco-system for innovations and other initiatives Click here
5 3.3.5 Number of awards and honours received for outreach activities from government recognized agency Click here
6 3.4.1 Average number of linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, research etc. Click here
7 3.4.2 Functional MoUs with institutions of National and or International importance, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc. Click here
8 3.4.3 Institution has linkages with schools and other educational agencies for both academic and outreach activities and jointly organizes Click here
9 3.2.1 Average number of research papers articles per teacher published in Journals notified on UGC website Click here
10 3.2.2 Average number of books and or chapters in edited books published and papers in National International conference-proceedings per teache Click here
11 3.3.2 Percentage of students participating in outreach activities organized by the institution Click here
12 3.3.3 Percentage of student participation in national priority programmes such as Swachh Bharat, AIDs awareness, Gender sensitivity, Yoga, Digital Click here