About IQAC


IQAC ensures qualitative development in the specified criterion aspects of the institution.


To Frame Vision, Mission and Objective of the Institution.
To Suggest Department for Curriculum Development.
To Suggest New Ideas to Include in Time Table, Annual Academic Annual Planning, And Calendar.
To Facilitate Department for Conducting Meeting on Curriculum Enrichment.
To Instruct Department for Initiating Value Added Course, Self Study Course.
To Conduct Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lecture, Collaborative Tasks and Extra- Curricular Activities, Innovative Method of Teaching 
To Encourage Faculties to Attend Orientation and Refresher Course.
To Instruct Department for Collecting, Analysing Feedback from the Student.
To Instruct Department for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
To Organise Life Skill Training Program.
To Initiate Project Work for Students.
To Motivate Teachers for Developing Research Attitude, Conducting Outreach and Social Activities.
To Collaborate with Other Organisation for Collaborative Task on Various Academic and Social Aspects and Conduct Community Activities.
To Frame Various Committees for Decentralisation of Work.
To Guide Department for Encouraging Alumni Engagement.
To Guide Department for Creating Student Council and Encouraging Students Participation in Academic and Non- Academic Activities.
To Develop HR Policies, Code of Conduct and Suggestions are given to the Management for Developing Various Policies for Employees’ Welfare and
        Effective Regulation of the Institution.
To Suggest Department and Management to Conduct Academic and Administrative Audits, Energy and Green and Gender Audit.
To Create Environmental Consciousness.