Sandipani Eduaction
Our Vision


We envision being the leading institute of education and providing opportunity to teacher educators for holistic development so as to produce quality teachers for the nation.

Our Mission


Develop policy and strategy for promotion of quality in the institution. Promise to provide best infrastructural facilities for qualitative growth. Creating an environment to promote research and innovation. Developing collaboration with other institutions and organization for giving the best to our students. Promise to give good governance and evaluating the planning and strategies for timely reform. Develop democratic environment in the institution.
Our Objectives


To promote research activities in the institution. To develop teaching- learning process by applying innovative method of teaching. To organize programs that contain plethora of self-directed tasks includes case studies workshops, seminars and conferences for teachers and students. To promote extension and social activities for the community, environment, sanitation, health nutrition. To make student friendly environment by giving them opportunity to study in conductive environment. To organize life skill training and value added programs. To plan timely evaluation of academic, non -academic and administrative activities. To organize teacher training programs. To promote teachers for their work. To increase the participation of alumni of the institution. To give scholarship to the needy students. To provide support and welcome students for developing incubation center and start –ups. To develop environment friendly campus. To promise sustainable development of every aspects. To provide best library and laboratory services. To provide best services for physical and mental health of the staff and student. To promote optimal use of education technology.
Sandipani Eduaction