1. Student shall wear prescribed uniform while on duty & college premises.
  2. The Student have to obey & follow all rules and disciplines of the hostels and college/ hospital.
  3. The Student has to undertake all types of duties of nursing and have to follow the rules & order of the teaching staff and hospital authorities.
  4. If any student would found guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the premises of the institution or persistent idleness or misconduct, the head of institution may according to nature and gravity of the offence.
    • Suspend such student from the classes or
    • Expel such a student from the institution or
    • Disqualify such a student from appearing examination or
    • Rusticate such a student
  5. If student would try to attempt or commit any kind of suicide/ unnatural act then authorities of the college, hostel & hospital will not be responsible.
  6. The head of the institute shall have power to suspend the student temporarily from the institution pending inquiry into her/his conduct in connection with the alleged offence.
  7. The period during which student remains suspend for completion of enquiry shall be reckoned in the calculation of her/his attendance for appearing in an examination provided he/she is found innocent.
  8. Minimum 80% attendance is essential for appearing in annual examination.
  9. Deposited fee will not be refundable at any circumstances. After the admission if any student wishes to discontinue during the duration of the course he/she shall be required to pay the entire fees of the whole course irrespective of the period he /she has remained in the college.
  10. Medical expenses of students will be borne by themselves only.
  11. Bus facility will not be provided for leaving/pick-up students going home on vacation.
  12. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the college/ hospital/hostel premises
  13. Raging is strictly prohibited .Those found will be suspended /rusticated.
  14. Chatting during examination may lead suspension/rustication.
  15. Hostel rules are separate, mentioned in hostel form.
  16. The management reserves the right of altering or change the rules & regulations & has to be obeyed as it is by the students.

Latest Updates

 Annual Exam of B.Sc. B. Ed. Integrated Course is being organized from 08/02/2020 to 28/02/2020 on Sandipani Academy, Achhoti.

 Session end term exam of B. Sc. B. Ed. & B. A. B. Ed. is being scheduled from 12/02/2020 to 07/03/2020 on Sandipani Academy, Achhoti.

 Annual University Exam of B. Sc. B. Ed. & B. A. B. Ed. is scheduled from 12/03/2020 on Sandipani Academy, Achhoti Achhoti.

 On 29/01/2020 saraswati puja will be organised by education department

 The Sport activity will start from the 23/01/2020 To 25/01/2020 week of january 2020 at sandipani acedemy Achhoti campus

 academic activities of education department ,masturi campus will be counducted in the third and fourth week of january

 Two Days Workshop in RESEARCH METHODOLOGY held on 4rth and 5th JAN 2020 at Sandipani Academy,Masturi ,Bilaspur (C.G.)If you want to participate in this workshop please visit at campus or contact Mrs. Rita Singh (9755152052) for Registration.

 The last week of january will be taken B.Ed. & D.El.Ed. students to Barnavapara Wildlife sanctury for community work

 A program of Annual Function will be kept on 25/01/2019 at Sandipani Academy Masturi campus

 The annual activity will start from the second week of january 2019 at sandipani acedemy masturi campus

 Education Department is Organizing a National Seminar on Role of Women in Socio -Economic Development in India on 17-18 April, 2017 at Achhoti (Durg) Campus (Note- For Brochure and Details Check the Research Tab of Menu Bar in Home Page)

 Sandipani Academy got recognition from NCTE to start B A B Ed and B Sc B Ed from session 2017-18 at Achhoti (Durg). This Integrated course will be FIRST TIME in Chhattisgarh State.

 Community Work Programme Conducted on 19/02/2017 at Giroudhpuri For B.ED I Year Student at Masturi (Bilaspur) campus.

 Saraswati Pooja Celebrated on 1st Feb 2017 at Bilaspur Campus.