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  • 1. Student shall wear prescribed uniform while on duty & college premises.
  • 2. The Student have to obey & follow all rules and disciplines of the hostels and college.
  • 3. If any student would found guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the premises of the institution or persistent idleness or misconduct, the head of institution may according to nature and gravity of the offence.
    • 4.1 Suspend such student from the classes or
    • 4.2 Expel such a student from the institution or
    • 4.3 Disqualify such a student from appearing examination or
    • 4.4 Rusticate such a student
  • 4. If student would try to attempt or commit any kind of suicide/ unnatural act then authorities of the college & hostel will not be responsible.
  • 5. The head of the institute shall have power to suspend the student temporarily from the institution pending inquiry into her/his conduct in connection with the alleged offence.
  • 6.The period during which student remains suspend for completion of enquiry shall be reckoned in the calculation of her/his attendance for appearing in an examination provided he/she is found innocent.
  • 7. Bus facility will not be provided for leaving/pick-up students going home on vacation.
  • 8. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the college/ hospital premises
  • 9. Raging is strictly prohibited .Those found will be suspended /rusticated.
  • 10.Chatting during examination may lead suspension/rustication.
  • 11.The management reserves the right of altering or change the rules & regulations & has to be obeyed as it is by the students.

Our Institutions

Sandipani Academy Society established the following colleges with the mission of providing excellence, standard and quality education.

Sandipani College of Nursing

Sandipani College

of Nursing

Sandipani College of Education

Sandipani College

of Education

Sandipani Private ITI

Sandipani Private


Sandipani Public School

Sandipani Public